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On Trend | Fleece

Fleece: need we say more?

While other trends often require explanations, just one mention of the word ‘fleece’ and all eyes begin to glow immediately. What better way to face a cold, grey day than in warm, fluffy fleece? We know, though, that you want to stay just as trendy as you are comfy, so we have a few tips on how to make it work.

Keep it simple: one fleece is enough!

It is all too easy to go overboard with the fleece trend. We know how comfortable it is to be wrapped in thick, soft materials from head to toe! However, do your silhouette a favour and limit your look to one fluffy piece. This season, muted browns and greys are particularly popular for cardigans, and sweaters and are a great way to add a little something special to your outfit.

From thick to thin: contrast creates interest

We all know that a thick knit sweater screams to be combined with thin shirts or blouses, and this interplay of coarse and fine works perfectly with fleece. Let your fleece look even fluffier by pairing it with thinner materials and form-fitting cuts. Take your comfy lounge look to the club by simply pairing your fleece with narrow, flat-woven pants. Create contrast between your upper and lower body for a trendy, flattering look.

Make your summer looks last longer with a cosy fleece

If you are like us, it is hard to say good-bye to all the cool summer looks as the weather gets colder. Want to make those looks last longer? Reach for fleece! An oversized fleece pullover is the perfect autumn update for your favourite maxi dress. Together with thick tights and a matching parka, you can create an outfit that’ll make the fashion bloggers jump for joy.

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