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Stories | 24 Hours In London / Pt. 1

24 Hours In London

THRDS, a London based group of friends interested in the untraditional, take us around their city, covering everything from the best spots for a photo shoot to where’s good for cake.

The London Underground / 6am

Love it or hate it the place you are most likely to find yourself on a creative day at 6am is the London underground.

Westfield / 9am

We are east London born and bread so of course we have to include the biggest shopping centre in Europe, Westfield Stratford City. On this occasion we have chosen ‘Eat’ but there are plenty of other places around the centre if you prefer something a little more intimate.

The Bird / 12pm

For lunch we decided to take a trip to The Bird. The menu has a variety, although it appears heavily influenced by the American soul, there is an unexpected Eastern Asian twist.

Golden Gate Cake Shop / 3pm

We’ve got a top secret destination to share with you, which you will love if you are a fan of desserts like us: the best banana cake in London can be bought from Chinatown. As much as we want to keep this place our little secret, this can be found at an unassuming little place called Golden Gate Cake Shop – but don’t tell anyone!

Westminster / 6pm

We couldn’t do a 24 hour guide without including one of London’s top attractions. Taking a walk along the Embankment never gets old with some of our stunning landmarks. This is a great chance to take in your thoughts and clear your mind halfway through the day.

The Refinery / 9pm

So you didn’t believe us when we told you we’re suckers for dessert? Here’s the proof! After grabbing some banana cake we needed no excuse to pop to one of our favourite spots, The Refinery. This crumble is one of the best we have had in our entire existence! Served in a little pan, accompanied by some vanilla ice cream with delicious apples covered in a berry sauce. Yum!

Stratford Car Park / 11pm

There is no play without work on a THRDS day. So after some well deserved treats, we head to an intimate spot to carry out one of our weekly photo shoots.

The Loop Bar / 2am

A spot that you can always guarantee nightlife is Leicester Square. Take a walk around and find your favourite place to club or have a drink with some friends. After watching some outrageous street dancers, we often choose to head to The Loop Bar out of the many venues in the area. The Square is your oyster.

Bond Street / 4am

London is at its most peaceful at 4am in the morning, so use it wisely. If you’re not too intoxicated it’s a great time to take a walk around central London and reflect on your day. Watch out for friendly strangers seeking a conversation that they’re more than likely to forget the next day.

Home / 6am

After a long 24 hours there is only one place that you need to be at 6am… Bed! Night all.