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#LoveMyHood / To Vogue Or Bust

24 Hours In Vancouver

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24 Hours In Vancouver

Alexandra from To Vogue Or Bust shows us what Vancouver life is all about. The die-hard West Coast babe takes us on a 24 hour ride of her favourite city hotspots and down-time faves.

I’m someone who lives and breathes West Coast life, so when Bench asked me to take them through 24 hours in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, it goes without saying that I jumped at the opportunity. Some cities live to work – Vancouver lives to live. It’s a city that’s all about “the good life,” but while that might qualify as fancy cars, expensive clothes and pricey digs in some parts of the world, most Vancouverites’ definition of a life well lived would include a lot of time outdoors, solid sessions at the beach and moving our bodies lots. So without further ado, come join me for a typical day in my life here in the coast!

Fairview Sea Wall / 6am

The Sea Wall is a way of life here in Vancouver – whether you’re commuting to work along it on your bike, squeezing in your morning jog or parked along one of the many beaches or parks along the length of the Sea Wall, it’s not unusual to spend at least part of every day on it. I love to run either first thing in the morning or later in the evening when you get to see the most spectacular sunsets – of course, this Bench ensemble works perfectly at either time, blending in seamlessly with all the blue surrounding the Sea Wall.

Cafe Zen / 9.30am

There are a lot of great brunch spots in the city but my boyfriend and I have chosen Café Zen as “our” place – its unpretentious vibe and consistently great breakfast classics make it the perfect weekend pitstop. It’s famous for its eggs bennies, so come hungry so that you can devour 2 (mix and match) of their selections!

Kitsilano Beach / 11am

With the North Shore mountains overlooking the city and beaches quite literally dotting the entire town, Vancouver’s a special oasis of natural beauty. There are so many great beaches to choose from but Kitsilano is a classic, and conveniently right next to Cafe Zen. I like to avoid the throngs of people at the heart of the beach by edging out to the farthest right border of the beach, hopping off my bike ride along the Sea Wall for a brief moment of beach bliss.

Granville Island / 12pm

From incredible food offerings to florists to coffee joints, Granville Island is (in my opinion) the heart of the city. You can stop by for lunch, explore the island and shop the crafts and artist creations Granville Island’s famous for or hop on one of its iconic rainbow Aquabuses to shuttle your way across the water.

Gastown / 3pm

If there’s a good place to people watch, it would be historic Gastown. The neighbourhood is known for its stylish inhabitants, not to mention it’s about as solidly packed full of good food, nightlife, cocktail haunts and shopping as you could hope for. It’s also a historic part of Vancouver – it’s basically the beginning of the city itself.

JJ Bean / 5pm

Vancouverites love their coffee, and while there is always a new cafe that is heralded as carrying the best coffee in town on an almost monthly basis, JJ Bean has serious staying power. The beans are roasted locally and it’s a true Vancouver classic.

The Diamond / 10pm

The Diamond has an almost secret room vibe about it – the inconspicuous door is hard to spot, but once you locate it and walk up a dark flight of stairs, you’ll enter one of the coolest spaces in Vancouver. The cocktail parlour’s concoctions are one-of-a-kind and you can really tell the staff is passionate about what they do.