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Stories | 24h Eats In Montreal

#LoveMyHood: 24-Hour Eats In Montreal

We’ve got a lot of love for Montreal: The summer vibe, the nightlife, the culture, and especially the food! From tiny dives, street eats, plateau coffee shops, and upscale experiences – we’ve got you covered with our 24-hour eats guide.

Breakfast / Brunch: E.A.T at W

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience Être Avec Toi is 100% the place to be. The walls of this “eat”erie, covered by local, talented Montreal artists aka “Stikki Peaches” and “What is Adam”, make it a very special place. Their Sunday brunch special lasts until 5 o’clock. There is a ‘create your own cake pop’ cart, a croissant cart and a mimosa cart. These ‘meals on wheels’ are constantly moving around the restaurant so you can pick up any of these delicacies as they pass you by. If that isn’t enough for you, there is a DJ playing throughout your entire Sunday brunch!

Coffee Stop: Kitsunée

Searching for a quaint coffee shop with delicious original recipes and great coffee? Head over to Kitsunée coffee shop! You’re going to love the cosy interior with lots of natural lighting and wood accents. 

Lunch: Mandy’s

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Mandy’s salad bar is a guilt-ridden pleasure. With fresh ingredients every day, you can either choose one of their pre-made salads or chose to create your own. Good to know: If you upload a shot of your salad to Instagram using the hashtag #JaimeMandys, you have the chance to win a free salad!

Tasty Snack: Trou de Beigne

Trou de Beigne is an adorable donut shop, near Montreal’s little Italy. The donut flavors are one of a kind and not to mention extremely tasty. There are flavours such as banana Nutella, green tea, maple bacon, blueberry, Oreo, cookie dough and pasticcio. All donuts are decorated beautifully, making it the perfect special treat if you are craving something sweet. They come in mini size as well which gives you the perfect excuse to try a donut without feeling guilty! The atmosphere of Trou de Beigne is unique as well: there are owl eyes painted on one of the walls, with seating inside of the eyes – which is great to impress your Instagram followers with a cool pic! 

Dinner: Kazu

Don’t be fooled by this tiny, casual restaurant. Kazu is quite small, the menus are taped up onto the wall and tables are close together – nevertheless the Japanese style food is incomparable to anywhere else in the city. Our recommendation: The Tuna/Salmon Bowl and the shrimp burger. Kazupretty much always has a 10 - 20 minutes queue, but it is definitetly worth the wait.