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Stories | #7ReasonsWhy: Hoodie

The hoodie is showing up everywhere. From runways to street style. It’s everybody’s darling, and here is why it should be yours, too! These 7 reasons will get you hooked on the hoodie!

1. It's never out of style!

The hoodie entered the fashion stage in the 1970s, and after over 40 years there is no sign whatsoever that the hoodie will lose its popularity!

2. It's the perfect partner in crime!

There is about a bazillion ways to wear it! Combine it with a sophisticated skirt, sneakers and a bomber jacket, or with your favourite PJs on the couch.

3. It comes in so many colours!

A smoothing green, a flushy pink, or just the classic grey hoodie with a cool print…we just can’t decide!


4. It's so damn cosy!

Needless to say more, you know what we are talking about! Tug in…

5. It's so easy to style!

Tired of spending hours to get the perfect outfit? A hoodie is one of those rare pieces in fashion that is incredibly easy to style, and with the right tricks, it becomes a real eye-catcher!

6. It's easy & effortless

A hoodie means comfort and it magically makes every outfit look at ease. Even if you combine it with somewhat more sophisticated fashion pieces. It gives the whole look an “I wear this all the time!” vibe.

7. It's perfect for a 24h lifestyle!

There is not a time during day or night, where a hoodie would not be an appropriate piece of clothing. You wear it at home, you exercise with it, you wear it out…Since it’s so versatile, it should be in everyone’s wardrobe!