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Stories | BTS With Rudimental

Behind The Scenes: Rudimental Shoot In NYC

Didn´t follow us around on Snapchat during our AW16 campaign shoot with Rudimental in NYC? No worries, we’ve created an exclusive 24hrs behind the scenes video for you.

04.15am / Wake-Up Call In New York City

It´s still night outside, but hey – we´re about to shoot our AW16 campaign with our brand ambassadors Rudimental and their singer Bridgette today.

9am / Fitting

Super excited to finally meet Amir, Piers, Kesi and Leon for the fitting in our New York showroom. These guys are very laid back and down to earth, and love our AW16 styles. Their favourite pieces are casual streetwear styles like a checked shirt, hoodie and a classic parka.

11am / Shoot

We´re meeting Rudimental´s singer and friend Bridgette at the first location of today´s shoot. We love Bridgette´s style and the way she accompanies our outfits with ever changing hair colours.

12.30pm / That View!

The sun is shining brightly in New York, so we´re heading to the rooftop terrace location with its amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge. But today is not only about shooting our AW16 campaign, we´re also gaining an exclusive insight into Rudimental´s tour life. Ever wondered what Leon´s travel wardrobe looks like? Shorts, Jeans and lots of T-Shirts...

1.45pm / Brooklyn Bridge

Heading over to Brooklyn Bridge – our next shoot location. It´s such a pleasure working with these guys! Everyone around is affected by their energy and great sense of humor.

3pm / One More Stop

Off to our last location of the day; Central Park. Is there a better park on this planet? Probably not! We´re hanging out at Summer Stage where Rudimental will be performing tonight.

4pm / It´s A Wrap!

Now, time to get some rest (for us at least…Rudimental are preparing their selves for tonight´s show) before heading back to Central Park Summer Stage.

9pm / Can You Feel The Love?

The best way to end the day? Standing in the front row watching Rudimental’s performance at Central Park Summer Stage. We definitely felt the love!