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Stories | Christmas Gift Guide

#WhatToShop: Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for Christmas presents for family and friends? With our gift suggestions you can´t go wrong…

Make Women Happy.

It´s a well-known fact that most women loooove clothes. So why not buy a cool winter outfit? The soft jumper Stakeholder with high waisted jeans is sure to be a hit on Christmas day. Not sure what size she wears? It’s not the best idea to get a size too big (she didn’t eat that many mince pies), so if you can’t sneak a peek without her noticing, maybe the best bet is to stay safe and go for one size accessories.

Make Men Happy.

You´re not the biggest fan of your husband´s/boyfriend´s style, but he thinks his look is pretty cool? Don´t criticise his style directly, you don’t want to hurt the poor guy. Instead, show him what you would like him to wear (for example our stylish bomber Mural and chinos) by getting him them as a present. A sure way to keep you both happy!

Make Everyone Happy With Accessories.

As mentioned earlier accessories are the best way to play it safe. They’re also great presents for more distant relatives, as you want to get something thoughtful and nice, but you also want to be able to have money left to treat yourself too! Our beanie Lokuss is available in several colours and is just one of many options. Bags, hats, scarfs scarfs, gloves, shoes… you will definitely find something suitable here.