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Stories | DIY: Christmas Present

DIY: Christmas Present

As we all know, the gifts that mean the most, are often those that are self-made with a personal touch. Here’s three ideas for easy DIY gifts guaranteed to make those you give them to smile:

Wink Wink.

With this t-shirt everybody can master the perfect fluttering with eyelashes. You just need a white t-shirt, (black) fabric paint, a brush and a bit of card. First cut 2 eyelashes out of the card as seen in the picture. You are free in form and size of the lashes. Fix the templates on the shirt. A good height is to place the lashes in line with the bottom of the sleeves. Start to fill the cut outs with colour and wait at least an hour for it dry. Then remove the templates and make sure you wait until the paint is totally dry.

Sleep Well.

A pillow made with lots of love guarantees sweet dreams. In addition to the pillow you need fabric paint, a brush and a normal stamp. You can pick any design you want, it just has to be suitable for the person you have in mind. Paint the stamp and start stamping! Be careful that the edges of the stamp don’t get printed as well.

Keep Warm.

Protect your loved ones with a warm personalized beanie. We admit we didn´t embroider this by ourselves, but it´s still something special that makes a great gift. However, if you´re able to embroider, then do it yourself and be even more smug about how good your present is!


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