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Stories | #DIY: Pumpkinfox

#DoItYourself: Pumpkinfox

Bored of carving the same style pumpkins every year? What about a ‘pumpkinfox’ instead?! The best thing is – it takes a maximum of 20 minutes and isn´t messy at all:

What you need

  • pumpkin
  • big orange coloured paper
  • white felt in DIN A4 or bigger
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 10-20 min of your time

Step 1

Use a pencil and mark up a Foxtail and 2 ears on orange paper. The size depends on the pumpkin you use as that will build the body of the fox. The face and chest are made out of felt. Mark up the forms as you can see in the picture. You also need to draw the inner parts of the ears and the end of the foxtail. If you´re satisfied with your shapes cut them out. 

Step 2

Fix the inner parts of the ears (made out of felt) with glue at the outer parts of the ears (made out of paper). Do the same with the foxtail. Draw eyes and nose with the black marker on the face and wait until everything is dry.