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Drone Video: Don´t Settle

The clever guys from Smartfilm Projects have shot a really cool motivational workout video filmed entirely using a camera drone. Read more about the idea behind the video and the guys behind the camera, Max and Christoph.

What´s the idea behind the video?
We wanted to combine sports, passion and motivation with something that usually has a negative impact on us when it comes to our fitness routines...cold and icy weather. The video itself strives to show that even with adverse circumstances, sports can fulfill you and leave you feeling good.

What´s special about filming with a camera drone?
For us, filming with a camera drone in that particular video was actually very important. It shows things from a different perspective and gives an impression of the bigger picture. The drone helps get a different perspective on something, a new and unfamiliar view. You are on your own, you can free your mind, put your thoughts in an order. It gives the opportunity to realize that you can be in complete freedom in these moments and there is just you and your passion, nothing else.

Do you do any sports yourself? If so – what´s your motivation during the winter when all you really want to do is watch Netflix & chill?
We are both quite active and sport takes a high priority in both our lives. We’ve been following football since we were small kids and still play in so called Hobby Leagues. Besides that, Max started to run and trained for over a year for his first half marathon, which he finished in October.  Christoph, however, did his half marathon several years ago. He’s a track and field athlete who trains to achieve his goal to participate in the German Championships for high jump, and he still finds time to play in a local hockey team.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood?
Two very small villages between Cologne and Bonn in Germany, called Hersel and Walberberg.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?
It’s a place where everything is familiar, where you can be yourself. We always know that our neighborhood is kind of a backup for us, a safe point. A place where we can try things out.

What’s your favourite local place, and why?
There are actually many different places, so it’s really hard to determine one specific spot. We live in villages nearby to each other and the best spots are probably the open fields and paths through the forest that is a stone’s throw away from our front doors.

What word describes your ‘hood best?
It’s small.

Don´t Settle!

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