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Stories | #FestivalLove: Hurricane Festival

#FestivalLove: Hurricane Festival

Hip, hippie, hooray: It’s the festival season! We are introducing you to Germany’s best open-air events – always accompanied by the best outfit, of course. Today: The Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel!

Booming sounds in the open air, manes of hair swinging, crowd surfing, sunburns, mud dances, puddles in tents, BBQ surrounded by mud and rubbish, stepping on broken glass, drenched clothes – and endless beaming faces in the middle of euphoric and happy masses of people. 

For 20 years, visitors have danced, snogged, and roared at the Eichenring in Scheeßel –Hurricane ranks among the most popular festivals in Germany. The former rock festival is not only a true classic among XXL open-air events, it also offers an act for every dancing mood thanks to the varied line-up consisting of electro pioneers, mood-boosting pop, and all kinds of indie rock. In the past, Hurricane visitors have partied to David Bowie, Radiohead, Florence + the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, and the Foo Fighters – as well as Katy Perry and Kraftwerk. And the surroundings don’t exclude anyone either: Hardcore festival goers set up camp with their survival kits as they please, while comfort lovers rent tents that are already built and equipped with everything they need, including WIFI. Those who want to treat themselves to an absolutely clean island of quiet amidst the festival noise can find accommodation in the “Greener Living” area. The only way to find more comfort is by bringing a caravan – and there is also an area for that.

The outfits are just as individual as the taste in sound and sleeping arrangements: As long as they are fun and spread a festival feeling! For women, the classics definitely include denim cut-offs, oversized shirts, boho dresses, bags with fringes, espadrilles, and wellies. And since the Hurricane Festival is basically a big playground, the look also presents a hippie-like playfulness: tassels, headbands, colourful prints, white lace, embroidery, feathers, and flowers. Must-have for men: denim. Whether jeans with a destroyed look, a jeans jacket, or a casual shirt, painted, embroidered, or with patches – there’s no way around the ultimate fashion classic. They receive an upgrade through graphic, colourful tank tops or shirts, shirts with large-scale prints, worn open or tied around the waste, or patterned bomber jackets. The perfect accessory for men: colourful, striking sun glasses and hats. Depending on the weather, the look is rounded off with slippers or boots. Let’s rock!

Can´t wait for the Hurricane Festival? Find the key information here: 

Time period: 23 – 25 June 2017
Location: Scheeßel (Lower Saxony)
Genre: rock‎, ‎indie‎, ‎electro, rap
Ticket prices: starting at €199
Number of visitors: around 70,000 visitors
Further information: