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Stories | #HowToStyle Athleisure

#HowToStyle: Athleisure

Athletic + leisure = athleisure = major fashion trend this autumn! Find our #HowToStyle as if you’re going to the gym, but without having any intention of actually working out.


Gigi does it, Kendall does it, even Taylor does it – no clue what we´re talking about? All of these ‘it-girls’ wear sportswear during their free time as if they were heading to the gym. This big fashion trend is called ‘Athleisure’ and combines the best of both worlds: soft fabrics and comfy fits that can be worn for almost any occasion, shopping trip, going out or – when combined with suitable accessories – even at work.


The most important rule is; don´t wear worn-out workout gear or your favourite top that you wear when you actually do go to the gym. Instead invest in some proper athletic pieces that you can combine with any other garments in your wardrobe. Leggings, oversize jackets or hoodies and basic shirts are key!


Secondly, it´s ok to mix up your sporty look with a fashion item, such as heels instead of trainers or a leather bag instead of a gym bag, to achieve a cool streetwear look. Another easy option is to add a big scarf? to your outfit. That´s also valid for men.


If you are an athleisure beginner we recommend starting with a tonal look and adding colour and patterns one-by-one. It´s easier to move towards Athleisure slowly. You could start with one sporty item and end up with a total athleisure look.

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