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Stories | #HowToStyle Casual Look

#HowToStyle Casual Look

Some like it chic and sophisticated, others dress as casual as possible. Belgium fashion blogger Eline belongs to the latter group. See how she styles our Cruise Collection.

It’s always fun to dress up in the week for work. When you’re going out for dinner with your girlfriends you also want to look you’re best, but what do you wear at the weekend when you don’t have many plans? I would prefer to spend half of my life in a casual yet stylish outfit where you don’t have to be careful that everything is still in place after an hour. You too?

I must admit that it’s not always easy to put an effortless, comfortable look together. When you go for all things oversized, it can easily look a bit sloppy. It is actually a true art to obtain a cool and comfortable look. Leandra Medine is for me (and many others) the master and true reference for stylish casual dressing.

Need a few tips? Check my #HowToStyle casual style guide!

  1. Choose clothing that fits the current weather conditions – there´s nothing worse than freezing (or sweating).
  2. Even if the velvet top is waiting for its public appearance… Choose easy-to-wear fabrics that are very comfortable.
  3. Go for loose but stylish denim. Mum jeans or boyfriend will be your best comfortable friends or you can opt for an oversized dress…
  4. Wear flats. Except for Metallic brogues and glitter sneakers.
  5. Go for a hairdo that is equally relaxed. A half bun for example.
  6. Nobody should have an opinion on what you wear! Wear anything you like with a smile.

You know that feeling when your clothes are so comfortable it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing? Right. That is exactly the feeling I have when wearing boyfriend jeans and a super soft sweater. Does it show that I was in a total Tomboy mood last Sunday?

Can´t get enough of Eline´s relaxed style? Check out her blog and Instagram profile and her chic yet relaxed festive styling.