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Stories | #HowToStyle: Greek Summer Look

#How To Style: Greek Summer Look

We all have that one favourite summer look that we´re never getting tired of. Belgium blogger Ruth is all about our striped dress.

I'm afraid I really miss being on holiday since I caught myself wearing this dress blue and white (yups, Greek flag... I know) way too often. And I can't get enough of gladiator sandals either. So I was wondering... why do I always tend to wear the same things and what are the right "ingredients" for my favourite summer look?

Before I tell you all about it I want to point out that a summer outfit has a different connotation for me at home and on holiday. When in Antwerp I hardly wear shorts or too revealing tops. However, when at a beach somewhere far far away I just don't care what I wear and which amount of skin is shown. Of course you'll never catch me looking like a "nasty girl" but I definitely look a bit more sexy.

The reason why is very simple... First of all I think hotpants, very short dresses and skirts are great as a practical kind of beachwear but not on the city. Secondly, the less you wear the more men will stare at you like your some nice (or not so nice) piece of meat. I don't blame them because I admit I would watch too if I see a pretty sixpack passing by. However, at the beach nobody is wearing a lot of clothing so it's just less of a deal.

To continue what I actually wanted to tell... My all-time favourite city summer look is a maxiskirt or dress in a light fabric with a pair of sandals and a sweater when it gets colder in the evening. It's casual, slightly feminine and not too revealing. This striped midi dress was kinda "rock 'n roll" for me at first but it makes me feel like I'm on holiday every day I'm wearing it!

Can´t get enough of Ruth´s summer style? Check out her Instagram profile.

Pictures by Jon The Gold.