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Stories | #HowToStyle In Manchester

#HowToStyle In Manchester

We asked London-based stylist / model / presenter / DJ Snoochie Shy to pick her favourite styles for a trip to Manchester.

I’m a fan of colours so it was good to see new colourways and also different prints. My fashion style varies, one day I could be wearing loads of colour, the next I could be total goth vibes and wearing all black. However; the one thing that remains the same is that I’m always on a street wear type of vibe – something that is very much connected to the city of Manchester!

I styled these looks with some cool boots I customised myself to add in a bit more colour. I absolutely loved the orange outfit! I really do like the way Bench is experimenting with different colours and different types of clothing, the midi skirt is sick and perfect for summery vibes!

I tend to travel up to Manchester quite a lot for DJ gigs, and I would say Manny is also one of my fave places for fashion inspiration (London will always be my number one though)!

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