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Stories | #HowToStyle: Rose Quartz

#HowToStyle: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of Pantone´s colours of the year. We show you #HowToStyle pink without overdoing it on the girly side as French blogger Camille shares some secret hints with us!

Pink is a great colour. Probably even one of my favourites! Not only because Pantone have recognised it as the colour of SS16, but also as it is a cheerful colour that can make any outfit seem a little brighter.

Pink is my happy colour that’s great for accentuating my summer tan and adds a little colour to every outfit. The best way to avoid a pink overload is to combine this eye-catching colour with plainer ones such as white and black.

I advise combining the ‘Crabisland’ top with a short-sleeved shirt so you’re prepared for the chillier nights. My tip for a more unique and feminine look is to tie it up, it’s a cool look! But, there are plenty of ways to wear shirts this summer…you can combine with skirts, dresses, strapless top… but for those who like it a little more edgy, getting a tie involved is a great option!

Another great summer ‘must have’ are round mirrored sunnies – I´m still not getting tired of them, even though I´m pretty much wearing them all day, every day! Sunglasses in general are my favourite accessory as they always complete a look. The ones I´m wearing here are a little edgy, but so easy to wear with everything!

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