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#HowToStyle: Tonal-Looks

Usually it´s trends coming back around, but sometimes it’s the former ‘no-go’s’ that are given their time to shine. In this case, it’s being dressed from head to toe in only one colour. We show you how to look great in tonal looks:

Mix up texture, shade and lines.

If the whole Kardashian Clan is doing it, it has to be on trend. All-over-looks have now made it on to the hot list! To master the art of tonal styling, playing with shade, texture and clear lines is a must. Another trick to get the look right is to style with different lengths of contrasting layers.

Pick the right colours.

It’s all about choosing the right colour. Loud colours are a bit over-the-top for this trend and can stay in the wardrobe for now. Instead opt for subtle muted colours such as, grey, navy blue, burgundy brown or warm mustard tones are subtle. The rule is: the more sophisticated the colour palette, the better.

For beginners.

Tonal look newbies should start with the so called ‘non-colours’. Mix up varying shades of grey or nude and add accessories in a brighter or darker shade than your outfit for a tonal look that always works. If you get more accustomed to the tonal trend you can also try out some advanced looks.

Advanced tonal-looks.

For those more au fait with their tonal looks, dare to wear more intense colours like burgundy, warm greens or yellow tones and either keep the colour pure or play delicately with tone. To keep the whole ensemble on point, work with structure and material mix; coarse to fine, denim to knit, quilting to rib structure. 

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