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Bench x Rudimental

Q&A With Bridgette Amofah

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Bench x Rudimental: Q&A With Bridgette Amofah

Friend of Rudimental, Bridgette Amofah, is also part of our Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign. Bridgette was asked to join the band two years ago as one of their tour vocalists and has since travelled the world with them. She brings her ‘cool factor’ and is a perfect fit to showcase our female collection.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Grungy, underdone, cartoonish.

What´s your favourite piece of the Bench AW16 collection?

My favourite piece is the long grey jumper that says 'this is where it all begins'. It's a versatile piece cause I can wear it as a jumper dress with long song socks/tights as well as a normal jumper. It's also incredibly warm, as it's got a fleecy material inside.

Which song makes you dance every time?

Iyongwe by John Wizards.

Why do you love your hood?

I love London because I will never feel like I have discovered it all. There are so many different pockets and layers with completely different vibes. Sometimes it can feel as though with each zone, you are in a different country! I love how multicultural it is. It makes you feel like no matter where you're from in the world, London can be home.

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