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Stories | Looking Prime for Springtime

Colour-Blocking: Caro Daur Style!

With more sunny days on the horizon, the more and more we’re looking forward to spring. And we can’t get over Caro Daur's take on one of this season’s biggest trends, primary colours. So, put away any monochromatic clothing you still have out, and go back to basics with this trend!

Pulling off the primary colours trend is anything but complicated; it’s all about having fun, and bringing your childhood colouring crayons to life and into your wardrobe.

This look is best achieved by colour-blocking two of the most saturated shades of red and blue, for a bold, confident, and playful look (as Caro Daur clearly demonstrates!). You can mix and match blue bottoms with a red top, or vice versa. Another, more daring colour-blocking statement, is one garment that incorporates both colours

Still want some colour, but loving one more than the other? Then go for a full-on primary power look by dressing head-to-toe in red, blue or yellow. The higher the hue, the better.

If you’re still not ready to go for strong, vibrant colours this early on in the season, just throw on a yellow hoodie to pop some of those colours to your winter outfit and you’re good to go!