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Stories | #LoveMyHood: 24h In Toronto /w Jetset Justine

#LoveMyHood: 24h In Toronto /w Jetset Justine

We’ve got a serious style crush on Canadian influencer Jetset Justine. Follow this blogger babe through the ins and outs of her hometown Toronto to find out her fave spots.

I decided that my city guide would be restricted to where I actually live and work – the University and Adelaide area. This area is quite interesting as it used to be Toronto’s Entertainment District.

What’s my typical day look like at Toronto University and Adelaide area? Allow me to give you a play by play of a day in the life of Jetset Justine clad in my Bench short-sleeve hoodie, loving on my hood.

8am / Wake-Up Call

I’m still in bed, mostly. My boyfriend sleeps in, so sometimes I allow myself to do the same but mostly I’m awake, in bed, checking my IG, emails, tweets, etc. This could go on anywhere between 7am-9am when I get up.

12pm / Lunch

By now the rest of the household is awake and I’m busy making lunch. It’s this new thing I’m trying since I came home from Italy – a bigger lunch and smaller dinner. Sometimes we go to Figo up the street from us instead, if we have a lunch meeting. You can take a mean foodie flat-lay at this place.

2pm / Get Ready

I’ve picked out this amazing gold bomber from the Jess Glynne x Bench capsule collection (which I originally saw on one of my fave bloggers, @mikutas). I’ve paired it with these super comfy track pants also from Bench and the cutest oversized graphic t-shirt.

3pm / Shooting

We’re out the door and head to a location to shoot. We like to shoot on the rooftop of a parking garage on Adelaide and Simcoe Street (south side, 6th floor). The views from here make it feel like you’re in DTLA and no one is ever there.

4pm / More Coffee, Obviously

When I’m not making coffee at home, my boyfriend and I love to head to Milano Espresso Bar on Adelaide street for an afternoon pick-me-up.

5pm / Grocery Shopping

I’m off to the grocery store, my trusty Loblaws City Market, to pick-up something for dinner and maybe a nice bouquet of flowers for the table. I usually get some freshly sliced prosciutto with a fresh baguette and maybe some arugula. I bring the food home and change my outfit for part 2 of my day.

6pm / More Shooting

More shooting around Osgoode Hall. I love shooting around here because it makes for a great, faux Milan. Sometimes I skip this second shoot and do a yoga class instead at the Shangri-La Toronto Health Club or BeHot Yoga Studio on the East end.

7pm / Dinner Time

Head back home to get dinner ready. We eat a candlelit dinner – not because we’re pretentious bozos, it’s because we still haven’t bought a chandelier. It’s an economical (and environmentally friendly) choice. Ok? Usually we have friends over for dinner. We love to entertain.

9pm / Soho House

If our friends didn’t join us for dinner, we’ll usually catch up with them at Soho House after dinner for a nightcap. I love to have herbal tea before bed but sometimes I’ll swap that out for a glass of champagne instead.

11pm / Home Sweet Home

Head home, relax on the couch, edit photos, post on IG, answer emails – basically multi-task like a boss until I start to doze off. My boyfriend practically has to carry me to bed and I pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow. Our bedroom is a little oasis where nothing bad can happen.

Eager to follow Justine through Toronto? Check out her Instagram channel.