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Stories | #LoveMyHood with Kate

#LoveMyHood: Hamburg

The influencer and Hamburg city girl @whatsupwithkate spent a day showing Bench around her hood in the North. Find out what she likes particularly about Hamburg, what her absolue favorite gem is, and why the city on the Elbe river is basically Little New York!

When the leaves slowly change theit color to yellow and orange, my favorite time of the year begins. Even though the days get darker and colder, I always look forward to autumn. On the one side the bed, the blankets and pillows become your best friends for cold and rainy days. On the other side, when the sun comes out and the clouds disappear, the city turns into a mare of colors.

First thing after waking up is, getting on some comfortable clothes such as leggings and a casual shirt. After I find myself daydreaming with a huge cup of coffee and a great breakfast to start the day right.

Hamburg, my favorite place to be. Of course, I also love to travel and explore new cities, but it always takes me back to my big love. Even though, especially in fall, the wind and the rain take up a lot of time. The city with all its beautiful buildings, alleys and the rivers is not comparable to any other city in the world.

For hosting the biggest port in Germany, water obviously plays an important role in the life of Hamburg. I lost my heart to the Elbe River with all its following canals through the Speicherstadt and Hafencity and the whole town.

What they say about New York „The city that never sleeps“ actually fits Hamburg pretty well, too. The port of Hamburg never stops working. A lot of ships are coming in and leaving the city during the day, with a massive amount of containers, that are going to be shipped all over the world. During the week after work, I sometimes find myself on the waterside, just watching everything that’s going on down there.

Best part is the ferry that takes you from Landungsbrücken zu Finkenwerder and back. It’s a charming Elbe trip via Övelgönne beach and across the southern shore of the Elbe River.

Because of the big working class, for example in the Airbus factory, on the other side of the Elbe river, the ferry is part of the public transportation just like a bus or a train and for me as student it is included in my semester ticket for local transit. Which means I can ride back and forth as much as I want to without paying extra.

You can sit outside on the roof or in case of bad weather inside, where it’s warm and cosy. I prefer the outside, where the wind messes up my hair while listening to the sound the waves make, when they crush against the bottom of the ferry.

It’s the best thing to clear your head after a long and stressful day.

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