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Stories | Music And Cities: Paris

Music And Cities: Paris

Paris has the most active Hip Hop scene in Europe. Mali and Tom met local artists and urbanists who impact the creative industry.

After the USA, France has the second largest Hip Hop scene in the world, and the centre of this scene is in the thriving capital of Paris. What is not so well-known, however, is that some of France’s most celebrated Hip Hop artists have come from poor suburban slums or outer city ´Banlieues´. To this day, the political and social status of minority groups has a direct influence on what is one of the county’s most popular music genres.

In particular, Hip Hop music often draws influence from the poor living conditions in housing estates. Many French rappers are products of the HLM rent-controlled housing and draw upon their upbringing in this environment as a source of inspiration for their lyrics. France’s urban areas have a direct influence on its hip hop sound.

Mali and Tom fell in love with Paris’ creative scene. By meeting local artists, such as Cecile Unia and Lino Aresnik, and urbanists, including Jean Marc Meogeot and Severin Guilliard, they began to understand how the city acts as a melting pot and creative outlet for a wide range of cultures, as well as sounds. New urban developments such as the Les Halle Hip Hop Centre are ways in which the city is promoting this even more.

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