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Stories | Music And Cities

Music And Cities

We accompanied Mali and Tom on a road trip through Europe that resulted in a docu-style series which looks at both their worlds and the impact they have on one another.

Mali and Tom are a couple who have very different interests. Mali is a London based singer/songwriter and loves the music that fills her days. She specialises her sound with a unique fusion of soul, gospel and R&B. Tom as a writer, photographer and urbanist who has a passion for cities across the globe and the adventures they have to offer.

Cities play a great role in developing music and trends globally, and these iconic places have a history and story to tell. Similarly, music developed within them shapes a lot of what´s to be seen and experienced. We explore the neighbourhoods and music scenes within cities, learning and sharing how the two interact.

The places explored within the short films aren’t the average tourist hotspot. Instead you will see an in depth focus on the neighbourhoods that play a crucial role in each city´s music scene. Follow Mali and Tom to gain an insight into cities big and small, exploring the connection further and sharing the narratives behind them.

Mali and Tom have visited Manchester, Paris and Berlin – so stay tuned!