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Stories | O2W: Bright Light Bright Light

O2W: Bright Light Bright Light

From the suburban Welsh Valleys in the UK to the ‘bright light’ of the city that never sleeps. Bright Light Bright Light is making waves in New York and Bench – Rod Thomas by name – gets the lowdown from the humble beginnings to the current whirlwind.

I grew up in South Wales outside Neath between two villages. I first went to New York in 2009 on the way to play at SXSW and fell in love with it. I busked on the Underground for two years and did bar jobs, then set up my own label and released my first 7”.

I’m completely independent – I’m my own manager, my own label, and until last year my own agent. I also use my label as a platform for other musician friends too, so I also release Slow Knights, Bridget Barkan and Beth Hirsch alongside my own material.

I find NYC so exciting and constantly inspiring. People here work hard and play hard, and I'm very inspired by the work ethic of the creatives that I know - actors, performers, musicians and dancers - people are always creating and always going to watch each other’s shows.

My favourite current band are St Lucia. I love the Brothertiger record. Starcadian is an excellent producer and is making some great tunes. Plastic Cannons from NYC are a truly brilliant live act and Futurewife has turned out some amazing remixes.

Keen to listen to more Bright Light Bright Light sound? Check out the exclusive Bench Music playlist he created for us. Also follow Rod Thomas around on his Instagram account.