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Stories | O2W: The Scheme

Ones2Watch: The Scheme

The Scheme are aptly named due to their constant need to always have the next big plan. Time to meet the guys for a Ones2Watch Q&A.

Smartly defining a name for themselves on the international music scene as ‘the band to watch’. Their distinct voices, arrangements, musicianship and talent for writing bloody good songs, are the reason why their first track notched up over 400,000 hits on YouTube, and that was before their publicity machine even kicked into gear! Their loyal fans, dubbed ‘The Schemers’, are clearly making sure that their band get the exposure they truly deserve.

Meet the band; Kris James (Vocals), Kyle Carpenter (Vocals/Keys) and Aleksey Lopez (Guitar/Vocals)...

Tell us about your musical background…
We have all dedicated our lives to music basically, we have been musical since birth. So obviously we had no other option but to pursue it professionally.

How would you describe your music? 
We describe our music as Guitar-Led Pop. Mainly feel good tunes to put a smile on your face.

Where did you guys meet?
It all started with Kris and Kyle meeting in a studio in London. We are still based there now actually. After writing together for a while and really clicking we thought it’s time to put together our own project. Then a few months down the line we saw Aleksey performing in the house band on X Factor and thought he was great. We all got along like a house on fire and the rest is history.

Describe your personal style…
Kris: I am always attracted to something unique. Not over the top, but it has to have a little detail to add something special to it.
Kyle: I think earth tones really catch my eye.
Aleksey: I am always drawn to longline, I have a lot of urban influence in my image.

What´s the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe?
Kris: I’m obsessed with Dinner Jackets.
Kyle:  I’m a coat man!
Aleksey: Well I do wear a lot of tank tops, but I am all about finding the perfect pair of jeans.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood? 
Kris: Liverpool
Kyle: Apopka - Florida
Aleksey: Bournemouth 

What do you love most about your neighbourhood? 
Kris: The thing I love the most about Liverpool is the eclectic mix of people the city is home to.
Kyle: My hood has pretty great weather…AKA The Sunshine State.
Aleksey: Errrr Bournemouth has a beach and its good for a nice cold walk with the dogs, in the typical British weather. LOL

What’s your favourite local place, and why?
Kris: Where ever the hustle and bustle is! 
Kyle: Orlando has a lot of great places, but probably a funky coffee shop somewhere quiet.
Aleksey: Errrr, the beach.

Who´s your Ones2Watch?
We are currently on tour with Union J and they are going to be coming back soon with a pretty sick album. We would definitely tell you to keep on the look out for that.

What´s next for you? 
Gigs, gigs, gigs and a debut album.

Check out The Scheme’s website for gigs near you and stay up to date with what the guys are up to by following them on Instagram . See some of our other latest Ones2Watch talks with Doorly, Kytes and Arlissa.

The Scheme - Somebody Else's Perfect