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Stories | Ones2Watch: No Hot Ashes

Ones2Watch: No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes who recently released their new single ‘Bellyaches’ are this week´s Ones2Watch. Learn more about the band from Stockport, Manchester…


No Hot Ashes are a four-piece band from Stockport, Manchester. With a range of musical influences from James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Doobie Brothers to Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band developed its own brand of future-psych funk and have built a solid fan base and a reputation for raucous live shows. No Hot Ashes have picked up a number plays on BBC Introducing Manchester & Sheffield, BBC Radio 6 as well as an array of local radio stations, they have supported bands such as Spring King, Blossoms, Prides & The Amazons on their UK Tours, and have been booked for major festivals such as Kendal Calling, Y Not Festival and Tramlines. No Hot Ashes created their very own  playlist  for our BenchMusic channel. Check this one out while reading our Q&A. 

Tell us about your musical background…

No Hot Ashes were born out of Stockport in 2013. All 4 of us have always been very musical and have played in bands since we were 14/15. We always liked the idea of starting a band young and sticking it out – you grow and learn things together and that is a really special bond to have as a group of friends.

How would you describe your music?

Its funky! – we like to describe it as post-pop-discofunk. It really is a fusion of old funk vibes, indie and disco with a pop feel. On the live front we like to have a punk aesthetic, giving it to crowds on stage.

Where did you guys meet?

Isaac, Luigi & Matt all met at high school in Stockport and formed NHA whilst in our final years but it wasn’t until college that we met Jack (Bass) and from then we decided to get serious about the band and dedicate our lives to it.

Describe your personal style…

We all like to keep things fresh so mix it up every now and again, usual stage dress style can be anything from black denim, denim jackets, suede jackets to 90`s sportswear, cords. In festival season we all enjoy a brightly patterned festival jacket. In terms of footwear we love Dr Martens shoes/boots and find them the best when travelling/gigging frequently because of how hard-wearing they are. They also look really good.

What´s the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe?

Definitely our wavey festival jackets for summer!

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood?

Our ‘hood’ is Manchester – more specifically Stockport, where the band was born. We have grown up here, revelled in its great musical heritage and we have written all our songs in the great ‘Pear Studios’ rehearsal space in Stockport where the likes of Johnny Marr, The Buzzcocks & A Certain Ratio practice. Another ‘hood’ would definitely have to be Wolverhampton where we have recorded and produced all of our songs to date with our Producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, Ocean Colour Scene) we have really warmed to the town and we regard it a second home in terms of music.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

Stockport has a long list of musical history, something which many do not first consider when they think of the town. Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Smiths, Paul McCartney and 10CC all recorded in the legendary ‘Strawberry Studios’ which is housed right in the heart of the town.

What’s your favourite local place, and why?

Would have to be ‘Pear Studios’ where we rehearse, it’s a massive old red brick cotton mill just off the M60 in Stockport with a massive Pear on the roof, we rehearse on the 6th floor and from there you can see right across Stockport. We spend a lot of time there rehearsing before gigs and pre-producing before going into the studio with Gavin. The place just has a really cool feel to it.

Who´s your Ones2Watch?

A few bands that we would recommend you go listen to are The Blinders (Doncaster, Manchester), FOXE (Guildford) & Larkins (Manchester). We have seen all 3 of these bands live in the past year and really impressed us by their tunes and stage presence.

What´s next for you?

Our new single “Bellyaches” drops on the 20th February so we are just finishing all the behind the scenes stuff for its release including our first ever official video. After that we plan to really get busy gigging, especially outside of Manchester to build up our exposure. Around mid-March we will then be getting back into the studio to work on the next release.

Follow No Hot Ashes around on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram and check out their website for updates and tour dates. Want to read more Ones2Watch features? Don´t miss our latest interviews with Braxton and The Scheme.

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