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Stories | Rising Star: Axel

Rising Star: Axel Le Palabe

Axel is a Pro Free Skier from France who loves to travel…and of course ski! We met up with him for a quick chat about his passion and style

Describe your personal style…
When I’m skiing, I like my clothes oversized so they don’t restrict my movement – so very large sweatshirts, jackets and pants. When I’m in school I go back to my regular size clothes. My favorite combo is pants (obviously), t-shirt and shirt.

What´s the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe?
As skiing is my passion, the most important items in my wardrobe are my skiing clothes. The ones I wear when I head out to the mountains with friends to enjoy the fresh snow or ride the park!

Did your parents ever give you any styling tips?
No, my parents let me dress the way I want. I have to admit that they don’t really like my fat style on skis, but now they’re used to it. You should never let yourself be too influenced by other people.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood?
I live in Aussois, a little French Alps ski resort in the Maurienne valley.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?
Aussois is a beautiful place, which is often sunny! Not many people live there, so it’s a pretty calm and charming place! It’s the best place for me.

What’s your favourite local place, and why?
My favorite place is the snow park in Valloire ski resort, because it’s the first park I’ve ever skied, it’s where I’ve progressed and ski with my friends from the   Freestyle Galibier Thabor Club  . I love to ride there because there is always a good atmosphere with all my homies.

What describes your ‘hood best?
Mountains with lots of snow and a snowpark.

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