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Stories | Rising Star: Hannah

Rising Star: Hannah Pot d’Or

Watch out candy lovers! Hannah Pot d’Or is a fashion blogging stylist and our candy crush! She showed us her favourite Bench dainties and we talked with her about inspiration, her hood, and music.

Tell us about you! Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do?

I’m Hannah, 24 years old and I am a trained fashion journalist, though I’m currently working as a fashion stylist for a large e-commerce company in Bremen. My everyday life is all about fashion and traveling and I feel fortunate having turned my passion into a career. On Instagram you know me as my alias @hannahliza and also my blog bears my professional name, which stands for high quality visuals of selected pieces of clothing and accessories.

We’ve heard you’re a bit of a coffee addict? What would your day look like if you had to skip coffee for a day?

Oh yes. I’m a real coffee addict. I don’t think I‘ve had a day without coffee for years. Since I know what happens when I go too long without it, the first thing I do in the morning is drink a coffee. Otherwise I’ll start the day with a grumpy mood or a headache.

Where is your favourite coffee place? (And what do you love about it?)

Two weeks ago, I was in Paris for the first time, really – a real paradise for coffee junkies like me. I could sit in those charming sidewalk cafés all day long and I absolutely love this attitude towards life: I could sit in those charming cafes all day and watch the world go by.

What is the best thing about Living in Bremen?

To be honest, I’m mostly here because of my boyfriend, who is living and working in Bremen. But I grew up in this city before I moved to Hamburg, so I can relate to Bremen very well. I have also lived in Berlin for a while and I can imagine going back there. But as life goes and love goes, I’m back in Bremen and enjoying it..

And what is the worst? :)

Bremen is not Berlin. When I get invitations for collection releases or launches, they are mostly in Berlin, not Bremen. For networking, such events are essential.

What 3 words describe your ‘hood best?

Small. Friendly. Charming.

When did you discover your love for fashion and when did you decide to start your blog (and why)?

As a child I was very picky about what to wear. My first training was Fashion Design at uni, where I designed and tailored my first bag. I don’t know where I got my huge interest in fashion but fashion books and magazines began to fill my shelves. When I studied fashion journalism, the internet was overflowing with fashion blogs, but that wasn’t really my thing. So when Instagram was established I saw the chance to share my world of fashion. That was my replacement for a blog. But then actually, this was the best time to combine the account with a blog so I finally made the step to start it.

How would you describe your personal style and what inspires you (and your style) (Who is your styling queen)?

My style… I would say is a mix of sporty chic & amp; classy with a modern twist. Never overloaded and rather minimalistic. I always love to try something new. Instagram floods me with inspiration. But apart from this, I love to find inspiration in fashion books, magazines, fashion photography and old movies. My styling queen as you might call her, is Patricia Manfield! Do you know her? I really love her style and that she’s a musician as well.

What is you most important item of clothing in your wardrobe? What piece should be in everyone’s wardrobe?

I could refresh my wardrobe again and again. But I absolutely have to have my most important basics like skinny jeans, a white blouse and a leather jacket and I’ve had them for years, because you can combine them with almost anything.

Where do you usually write your blogposts? Where is your creative place?

I write from wherever I am. But it certainly works best for me at home, where I have the chance to focus on one thing without being rushed.

Your biggest fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2017?

I’m looking forward to all the colorful pieces, because I’m already so in the mood for summer!

As you might know we are music addicts; if you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’m more than a little bit addicted to music. I love to play the piano and I have always been busy making and listening to music. The best song is a bit of a difficult question, frankly. I tend to get weary of songs when I listen to them too much. One of the few songs that I can still listen to as often as I want is “Saved” by “Khalid”. But this is really a difficult question to answer!

Is Khalid also your favourite music artist?

I don’t have one favourite music artist. But some of my favourites are Alt-J, Chet Faker, Khalid and Jamie Woon.

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