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Stories | Rising Star: Kate

Rising Star: Kate

Casual streetstyle, sassy captions & dog content. That's how the Hamburg city girl Kate keeps exciting us on @whatsupwithkate. Find out more about her here!

Tell us about you! Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do? My name is Kate, I’m 23 years old, was born in Schleswig-Holstein and am currently living in Hamburg. Right now, I’m in the middle of getting my Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. If I’m not studying, I like to roam the streets of Hamburg and work with my cameras.
How would you describe your personal style and what inspires you and your style? Who is your styling queen? If I had to describe my personal style, I’d say athletic and casual. Actually, I’ve always told everyone: “I don’t have a certain style and am not at all fashionable. I wear what I think is comfortable.” A hoodie, comfy pants and a pair of sneakers to go with it, that’s all I need. I don’t go looking for inspiration, and my fashion sense is not very developed. And at the end, this attitude did turn into a kind of style after all.

What's the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe? What styling piece should be in everyone's wardrobe?
Next to the sneakers, it’s the hoodie, for sure. Whether I’m having a lazy day or am out partying, a hoodie is always the right choice. You wouldn’t think so, but a hoodie can also be combined with other items to make for a truly elegant look.
When did you discover your love for fashion and when did you decide to start your blog and why?
I can hardly answer that question, since I really don’t have a love for fashion like, for example, bloggers do. Back then, Instagram was a platform that allowed people to show others glimpses of their life and that’s exactly how I still use Instagram today. To me, it’s not about wearing a certain outfit and taking a picture of it, but rather about showing myself as the person I really am. This includes everyday life in all its facets: food, clothes, work and leisure time etc.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where's your 'hood'? And what is the best thing about it? I live right in the middle of the lively “Sternschanze”, Hamburg’s most well-known bar quarter. Even the smallest of backstreets offers things to see and discover. You never feel alone here, because the streets are always bustling with life. And what is the worst part about it? Especially at night, the suburb’s diversity sadly also makes it attractive to tourists and idiots who don’t know how to behave. What’s your favourite local place, and why? Jim Burritos! The best place to get quesadillas and burritos. Good food makes me very happy. What word describes your ‘hood' best? Diversity. As you might know we are little music addicts; if you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would it be? That's a hard question to answer, since the music I listen to really depends on my mood. But if I had to choose, it would be Bullet A Target by Citizen Cope. Is Citizen Cope also your favorite music artist? No. There are too many other wonderful songs by too many different artists to choose just one as your favorite.

You can find Kate's cool outfit here. And there is also more!

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