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Stories | Spring Check List

Are You Ready? Spring Check List

Don’t know where to start preparing for warmer temperatures? No need to worry – use our spring check list...

We know it’s hard to believe it’s actually spring, looking at the dreary weather outside. And we know all you want to do is stay in, get cosy and watch box sets but, why not use this hibernation time to prepare for the warmer temperatures on their way?! Don’t know where to start? No need to worry – use our spring check list...

Spring Cleaning.

There´s nothing like an extensive spring clean to welcome in the new season; get rid of winter dust and clutter to make space for fresh new decorative items and colourful flowers to revitalise your home.

Put Away Your Chunky Knits.

Everyone is bored of chunky winter styles. So why not refresh your wardrobe as well as your apartment! Replace your knit jumpers with light statement shirts with a beach inspired design.

Inject Colour Into Your Wardrobe.

Outside it´s grey, cloudy and rainy? But, there’s no reason your style should reflect this. Instead show the world your colourful side by wearing a bright red dress.

Work Out.

With temperatures rising your chance of hiding an extra pound (or two) under baggy clothes is shrinking. Get inspired by our handy workout motivation hints (link to story), check out a new running route and pull on your new statement leggings.

Buy A Crop Top.

If there´s one must-have piece this spring, it´s a crop top! So do your crunches and get yourself a cool crop top.

Press Play.

Every season has a special sound – so does spring! Away with “Let It Snow” and melancholic tunes, get inspired by Bench Music and create a mood lifting playlist.

Get A Bomber Jacket.

Hang up the bulky winter coat and invest in a stylish transitional piece, perfect for spring. This seasons must-have bomber jackets are not only great for keeping you warm but also look super stylish when combined with the latest statement shirts and dresses.

Book A Holiday.

Weather just isn´t good in your neighbourhood? Buy a train ticket, book a flight or start hitchhiking to a warmer place you’ve always wanted to visit. What about Paris? Mali Hood and Tom Payne visited the city for our Music And Cities project and checked out some of the best places to go.

All bullet points ticked? Then enjoy spring!