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Sophisticated & Easy. Day & Night. Happy & Dramatic. Blue has got it all. And is now every trendsetter's new favourite! But which shades are an absolute must-have at the moment? We've got the answer!

Whether you are layering up different shades of Blue or combine it with exciting & contrasting colours, there are just so many reasons why we are utterly in love with Blue! And you should be too! Fun Fact: studies show that Blue is the No.1 favourite colour around the world. Doesn't really surprise you? Neither did it suprise us, because Blue is just always right! Since there are just insanely many different versions of Blue, we put together a few shades that you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

Midnight Blue

Night is your favourite time of the day and you love a dark and mysterious look? Midnight Blue is your No.1 Choice! The dark colour makes your outfit sophisticated like no other. Combined with exciting textiles like Velvet Fleece, Midnight Blue turns you into a real eye-catcher!

Navy Blue

You are never out of style with a classic Navy Blue piece, and it doesn't always have to be that classic. A hoodie in Navy Blue is a perfect finish for a casual street style outfit. There is just no other like Navy Blue when it comes to colour combinations, but it also shines as a stand-alone!

Dazzling Blue

Blue is the colour of the moment and Dazzling Blue its real star! No other shade can pull off such luminosity and intensity. This colour dares to steal the show and is thus an absolute must-have for urban street stylers. Do you dare?

Serenity Blue

Easy like Sunday morning... your favourite catchy tune? Then your outfit definitely needs to include a piece in Serenity Blue. No other shade makes us feel so calm and relaxed. A perfect partner in crime for thrilling combinations or well, a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch.

You found your favourite shade? But your wardrobe needs a little Blue update? We got just the right things for you there: