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Stories | Unisex Fashion

#HowToStyle: Unisex Fashion

We asked London based stylist Kitty Cowell #HowToStyle the latest fashion trend: unisex.

Blue Layering.

A baggy long sleeve tee is so comfortable to wear and a really easy piece to steal from a men's collection / wardrobe. I've teamed this one with short women's denim shorts and tucked it in to change the silhouette slightly. This elongates my body rather than letting the baggy silhouette drown me. I've added the check shirt to give some depth and take the simple outfit into a layered full look. Girly ankle socks and premium trainers finish off this unisex look and I've kept it tonal to keep it simple. Perfect for a Sunday.

Black Tracky.

The most comfortable thing you can wear is a tracksuite, it's a unisex look that's become so fashionable in recent years that you can even dress them up with heels! I decided to go casual but cool with a pop of colour on my feet in the way of air max. When I want to feel badass I pop my hood up but really I'm just uber comfy!

Double Denim.

I've been championing double denim since I was a child, it's my thing and if done well not only is it easy - it's very stylish! This tunic top has cool slits at the side which stop it from being too boxy. This is a modern twist on a classic style and it means you can get away with wearing short shorts underneath as the slits reveal them just that little bit more. Also wearing shorts with a boxy tunic works well because it gives you balance. With anything big - top or trousers - the best way to style them is to balance out with skin or a fitted silhouette the opposite way. I love this look!

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