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Stories | #WhatToPack: City Trip Packing Essentials


City Trip Packing Essentials

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Packing for a trip is always a tough job – especially when the weather is so upredictable. Fashion blogger Ruth helped us with some handy hints #WhatToPack for a city trip.

Packing for a city trip to a Northern country this time of the year can be quite a struggle. You just don’t know what to expect… one minute it’s 20 degrees, the next it’s cold and raining. Since I didn’t have the time, or the money to go away at the moment, Antwerp became the location for my shoot. I would obviously have preferred to go to Amsterdam, Paris, London or wherever, but hey, A-town isn’t the worst place on earth either.

However, let’s imagine I was leaving to go to New York City tomorrow (wishful thinking, I like), which 10 practical suitcase tips would I share with myself and you guys?


Of course underwear and PJ’s but that seems kinda obvious.


The first thing I always think about are my jeans as they’re my favorite and most versatile type of clothing. Probably a flared style to combine with some high heels at night and a skinny version like the one I’m wearing in the pictures. Denim is always a good idea and definitely when you’re going on a city trip!


This is a very essential tip! THINK IN LAYERS! Wear a top + a T-shirt + a jacket and take a little scarf with you. Besides my handbag, I always take a backpack with me for my camera and extra clothes because I just like to be prepared.


If you have no idea where you will end up during the day: wear something that can both be street and classy. So you won’t feel like an average tourist in a fancy restaurant or too chic in a less classy neighborhood. A black bomber jacket or oversized blazer always does the trick and goes with everything. And don’t combine it with an I <3 New York T-shirt but a simple black one , just saying!


Put a few different pairs of sunglasses in your suitcase, you don’t want to be with the same ones on every picture.


Pack some nice accessories like bracelets, rings, scarves, things for your hair…small details can change an entire outfit.


Trainers are essential, but I always take at least one pair of practical heels and one pair of party heels with me, there’s a rather large chance I won’t wear the latter, but you never know.

Umbrella Ella Ella.

Did I already mention…always to put a small umbrella in your handbag?!


This isn’t really a piece of clothing, but is essential for your look. I recently got myself a colored lip balm and it really is the easiest way to add some color to my face and have a fresh appearance all day long.


Leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs!

For more fashion inspiration, check out Ruth´s Instagram account and Twitter as well as her fashion blog!