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Stories | Work Out: Skipping Rope

Work Out: Skipping Rope

We all remember skipping from our childhood. But did you know that this is actually a high-performance sport that can be integrated in your daily workout routine? Fitness blogger Saskia shows us her favourite exercises.

I´m sure you all played with a skipping rope when you were younger. For me the fun turned into high-performance sport for a couple of years. I was pretty successful and won several prizes in national competitions.

Even though I´m no longer skipping on a professional level, some of the exercises are still part of my daily workout routine. You can´t imagine how many calories you burn with just a short training session. From my experience you can increase fitness and strength with only 15 minutes skipping a day.

Here are some of my favourite and above all most effective exercises:

Criss Cross: Cross your arms at every second jump. This exercise trains your form and upper arms so they are looking more defined.

Double Under: Cut the rope twice under your feet at every jump and tense your abs.

Can Can: Bend your leg and extend when jumping, alternate your legs. This exercise trains your butt and thighs.

It´s crucial that your rope has the right length! Stand on your rope with both feet and hold your rope waist-high. Bring your rope in the right length with some easy knots. Have fun and work out!

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