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Stories | Workout Motivation

How To Be (And Stay) Motivated

For those days of tiredness and laziness we have compiled a list of things to help with motivation.

Sore today – strong tomorrow. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Be stronger than your strongest excuse. We could go on! Our Pinterest and Instagram is full of motivational quotes. On some days they do what they´re supposed to do, but not every day is a #MotivationMonday and even if you´re reading millions of quotes and looking at tons of images, you´re just not in the mood to work out. It is for those days of tiredness and laziness that we compiled a list of things to help with motivation:


Treat yourself to something nice after every workout. No matter if it´s a G&T (with slim line tonic of course) the evening after your workout or a little flirt with the cute bartender at your gym, develop your own special pre/post workout ritual that links your training session to a positive experience.


Results always let you go a little further – so keep track of your progress with some facts and figures on calories, activities, distances and weights tracked, analyzed and edited in a fitness App.


Music is a real motivation boost and we struggle to stand still when we hear our favourite power songs. The sound that works best of course depends on your personal taste in music – check out our Bench Music workout playlist to hear the tracks that get us moving.


We all love the feel good factor and confidence boost you get when you wear something new. So why not apply this to your workout outfit – get yourself some cool new sweatpants or a top that not only looks great but is also breathable. You´ll be surprised how much more fun your workout will be just by dressing differently!