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Stories | #workoutwednesday: Your Body is a Wonderland


Your Body is a Wonderland

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#workoutwednesday: Your Body is a Wonderland

Dear sports enthusiasts! Slowly but surely, we are getting used to the hot temperatures. And the swimming season has started. That is why Johanna has put together a last-minute beach body workout for you.

With these exercises, you are training many major muscle groups that are great for burning fat. Because remember, fat can only be burned in the muscles. Therefore, it is really important that we use and train them regularly, to grow or maintain them!

Lunges with upper body rotation

Stand with your feet hip-wide apart. Keep your hands in a 90-degree angle from your upper body. Step far forward with your right leg and lower the left knee almost to the floor, bend the right knee at a 90-degree angle. Now bend your torso and arms as far to the right as possible. Maintain and turn back. Always stay upright! Alternate legs and repeat 15 times on each side. 

SUMO squats

Stand with your legs apart and your toes turned out. Stretch a towel over your head. Lower your hips below your knees. Stay, then use your heels to push back into the starting position. Repeat 15 times 

Dumbbell/bottle row

Stand shoulder-wide and bend your body straight forward. Hold the bottle under your shoulders. Now pull up your upper arms close to your body and push your shoulder blades together. Keep your arms slightly bent when going back down. 15 repetitions 

One leg deadlifts

Hold a bottle on each side. Shift your weight to one leg, keep that leg slightly bent. Now move your upper body forward while at the same time moving back the other leg. The goal is to get your leg and upper body parallel to the floor. Keep your abs tightened throughout the exercise.

o          Alternate legs
o          15 repetitions on each side

Deadlifts with bottles

Starting position: Stand shoulder-wide. It is important to keep your back straight. Hold your head extending from your spine. Make sure to always keep your abs tightened. Lean forward and keep your knees slightly bent. Now pull the bottles up, to just below your breasts, keeping them close to your body. In this exercise, make sure to keep your pace consistent and slow. 15 repetitions

Last but not least! Burpeeeees!

1.         Start from the push-up position.
2.        Push-up position. Do a push-up and push back into a squatting position.
3.        From the squat, make a straight jump and end in the starting position again.
15 repetitions


Don’t feel like you quite have this beachbody yet? Well, time to start now! Johanna shows you how to get abs fab and booty-licious. Get inspired by Johanna’s sporty lifestyle: Discover her on Instagram and YouTube or on our blog