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#workoutwednesday: get abs fab

Fitness enthusiast and Sports Management student Johanna shares some easy tricks on how to get fit with us. Her exercises are simple to follow and easy to do wherever you are. Ok then, no excuses anymore! …Today´s session: How to get the abs I always wanted.

Summer is back and suddenly everybody wants a toned stomach. There is way more behind having amazing abs than just some exercises. With this post I´d like to show you what the essential points are. But of course, I´m also going to show you some abs exercises, which you’ll find further down.

Let´s start with some basic rules. To develop visible abs you have to take care of two things:
Rule number 1: Reduce body fat
Rule number 2: effective abs training

To reduce your body fat, eating a healthy and balanced diet is the key. The percentage of body fat depends on age, sex and physique. It is important to know, that whatever training you do, if your body fat percentage is too high you will never see your abs, because they will simply be covered by your body fat. It is even possible, that your abs will push your body fat forward and you will be rather disappointed of the ‘negative’ change.
However, this will not happen to you after reading this post. You already know now, that it´s not the amount of exercise that counts, but how you reduce your body fat.

Let´s get to the second point. What actually is effective abs training?
First of all it is important to see your body as whole and not just focusing on your abs. For all your muscles, there is a player and an opponent. In this case, the opponent of your abs are your back muscles. Therefore, it is important not only to strengthen your abs, but also your back muscles to make sure not to produce an imbalance and prevent a postural abnormality. 

Furthermore, you should know, that your abs firm up your body. Therefore, they are always under tension, regardless of which exercise you’re doing. Well at least they should be ;). So always remember to tense your muscles. One example given would be squats.

That´s why it is important not only to train your abs, but also the rest of your body. I recommend to add an abs session after all your training sessions. If you do this you’ll stimulate your abs and get the best out of them.
That´s where we get to the next point of effective abs training. The stimuli. There is no effect, if you can easily do the exercise. You will find that after you’ve done the exercise a few times it will get easier. Your muscles get used to the stress. Therefore, you should always increase the difficulty of the exercise. You could for example add some weights after a while and then add more and more weight.

Let´s get to the last point, which is not only important for your abs, but also for all your other muscles; The regeneration stage. Your muscles need to recover after being trained to be fully usable again. If you train a muscle every day in an extreme way, you will barely see any difference. So you need to let your muscles rest for about 48 hours and not train them every day! 

Russian Twist

By performing a twisting motion on the stomanch, this exercise specifically works the abdominal muscles.  

Starting position:

  • Sit on the floor with knees bent in a sit-up position
  • You should only touch the floor with your bottom
  • Twist your full upper body alternately from side to side

Feel free to hold weights in front of your upper body as well, consequently the exercise will be even harder. 

Boat pose

  1. Starting position: Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Lift your feet. Keep your chest and shoulders lifted back.
  2. Begin to straighten your legs and lower your upper body backwards. Don’t touch the floor. Repeat the exercise 15 times. 

Leg raise

  1. Starting position: Lie on your back on the floor and keep your legs straight.
  2. Now raise your legs up until they are in a 90-degree angle and lower them back down again. But never touch the floor!

Side plank

  1. Starting position: Turn your body to one side (left or right). Place your elbow directly under your shoulder showing to the front. Put your legs on top of each other. Your head and your neck should be aligned with your spine.
  2. Now lift your body (your legs and your upper body should be in line, the elbow is placed on the floor under your shoulder). Press your feet and your arm into the floor and prop your other arm on your hip. Lift your body and return to your starting position, do 15 times. Don’t touch the floor with your hip! 


Starting position: Get into push up position on the floor. Keep your forearms on the floor. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders. Your legs should be parallel to each other and your feet should touch the floor with your toes. Legs, back and head are in line. Look to the floor. Hold the position for around 15 seconds.

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